No Hot Water In My Shower

It can be a very frustrating experience when you have no hot water in your shower.  For this reason alone we always tell our customers to stand outside the shower while turning in on.  A tankless water heater or on-demand water heater can cause issues for this but a general water heater is usually the issue.  And the issues with heated water can be simple or sometimes very complex and you might need a brand new water heater.

water heaterYou might need to perform a little troubleshooting in order to fix the cold water shower issue.

Troubleshooting No Hot Water In My Shower Steps

There are a few things you might want to look for if you are getting nothing but cold water out of the shower.

  1. Did other members of your house take any showers, do laundry etc?
  2. Is the water heaters thermostat set to the right temperature?
  3. Have you checked other home faucets?
  4. Is your water heater pilot still lit?
  5. Are all your shower components in good working order?

Did other household members take showers, do laundry etc?

A water heater can take time to fill back up and get hot again after other members of your house have taken showers or done laundry or used water for other reasons.  Some water heaters can take up to 30 minutes to fill up and heat the water to an acceptable level before you can start receiving hot water again.

Is Your Water Heaters Thermostat Set To The Correct Setting?

Often times we will enter homes and find either the homeowner has the thermostat setting either too high or too low on their water heater.  Having the temperature set too high can cause other issues as well like scolding of your skin in your shower or just using the kitchen sink to do dishes.  And having it set too low can also cause the water tank to take a long time to send hot water where you want it.

Also setting your water tank level too high can cause you to have a much higher gas bill than needed.  So be sure to check your thermostat settings.

Checking Other Home Faucets

One of the first things you can do if you have no hot water in your shower is to check other faucets in your home.  If you do so and you still do not have any hot water then the issue is likely with your hot water tank.  A good plumber can help you determine what the issue is and if you need a new water tank or not.

Is Your Water Heater Pilot Lit?

Another thing to check for is if your water heater pilot is still it.  Sometimes if the water heater is older or if it’s in a drafty area, the pilot can go out and all you need to do is light it again.

Is Your Shower In Good Working Order

Often overlooked area homeowners do not check is their shower components.  Pipes which have been mixed over and or a bad valve can cause a shower to only produce cold water.  And the fix may just be a trip to your home depot store.

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